Mage Vs Monster (Daily Doodle 3)

Using a different program to sketch tonight because my Laptop is too weak to run a more powerful paint program.

Monster Gentlemen having a Spot of Tea (Daily Doodle 2)

I love tea. Another random monster doodle. I have found a new method the helps me stay loose and keeps me open to other opportunities.

Monster Rampage (Daily Doodle 01)

monster rampage

I didn’t like the direction I was going when I started the daily doodle project. So I will be ‘rebooting’ this project and starting from the beginning. I’ve been taking my art too seriously. I need to loosen up and just have fun with drawing. No preliminary planning. Just draw what’s in my head at that moment. Value and composition will be the focus of this project but if I will not be anal…

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Monster Doodle (Daily Doodle 2)

It started out at a robot but changed into this thing. 40 minutes.

Meerkat Gossip (Daily Doodle 1)

mercat painting gossip chat standing NOT timone

I did this doodle of  two meercats in a zoo gossiping.  It’s not a dragon. what else is there to do in a zoo? who knew. the cat made pancakes that are blue. in the the zoo. Did I mention that it is not a dragon? I spent 2 hours on this non dragon painting.

I am returning to my daily art thing. For 45 days I will sketch, paint, and or draw something  unplanned every day for 45 days.

The wools:


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Dragon Basking in the Sunset

A commissioned painting. This was a fun yet challenging commission. I never thought I would do a painting of a dragon that was this peaceful.It had a good amount of foreshortening between the feet and the torso.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Parody (WIP 2)

The caption that goes below this painting when it is finished will be “you have nice manners for a thief and a liar”.

The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug Parody WIP 2

The caption that goes below this painting when it is finished will be “you have nice manners for a thief and a liar”. I am very disappointed that I was unable to finish by release day :(. My desktop PC was crashing after a few minutes of turning on. I think its over heating. I will probably need to crack it open and replace a fan if that is what it is. I haven’t run a diagnostic so I’m not sure.…

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Hobbit: You have nice manners for a thief and a liar (WIP)

It is always important to mind your manners, even when your trying to steal a golden cup…

A Unlikely Friendship (WIP)

beast friend girl unlikely jungle forest abandon ruins trees take over

This is artwork I am working on for my advanced drawing class. The theme is “Animal/Plant Hybrid”. Since values have been something my instructor wanted me to work on, I really tried to push the entire range in this painting. I love the trees that have taken over the ruins and have grown on top of them. I wanted to do a painting with that idea in mind. I included a plant monster and a woman into…

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Color Study (Gerome – Arab Caravan)

This was a hard study. Not the actual painting BUT the fact that my laptop broke and I had to do most of this on a iPad.

It’s funny that I spend so much time sketching animals at the zoo but then I never upload them here. Well that is stupid of me and it is going to change. Here are some animal sketches slight from my sketch book. Although I have 100s of pages of animals sketches. I refuse to torture my reader so I will only upload the best of my sketches.

Animal sketches It’s funny that I spend so much time sketching animals at the zoo but then I never upload them here.

Dragon Metamorphosis

This was a homework assignment for my Advanced Drawing class. The theme was metamorphosis. I have drawn many dragons but never a man turning into one, so I found it a fun challenge.

basilisk lizard icon (Commision)

A painting I did for a client. It is of a basilisk lizard character of his. He will be using it as a icon for the social sites he uses.

Color Studies (Color Workshop)

waterhouse---the-lady-of-sharlet-study-3 bouguereau---little-theives-study4

Sorry I haven’t posted anything for a couple of weeks. I am so busy I am loosing my mind. :O

Color studies I have done for a online Color Class. The Waterhouse study (my first one) is rather lame but I am somewhat pleased with the improvement I made with the Bougereau Study. I started to see color better.  I had a third one finished but my laptop broke and I have to start that one over :( Two…

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