‘Orb Game’ demo


To expand my portfolio, I would make a simple online game in Javascript using a game engine and Box2d . Move the Orb with the AWSD keys and shoot with the left mouse button. You can pick up the boulders by holding Space. I am rather proud of the skull enemies simple A.I. I might continue to work on it if I can think of some creative ideas for level design. All the graphics are done by me. It has…

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Fantasy Block v2 – A free online idea generator app for fantasy artists


I’ve decided to remake the program in HTML/Javascript so it can be used on-line without the need to download it. It is a very simple random word generator.  Like I mentioned in my previous post, it is a tool to help artist discover new ideas and to help fight artist’s block. It is best used to design creatures. Make a drawing based on 3-4 words that the generator has given you. It is based on…

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Dark Souls Armor Study + Dragon Covenant Head

I am in love with the armor in the Dark Souls games. I forgot what the name of the plate is.

FantasyBLOCK: Having Artist Block? Theres a app for that (I just made it)

I was needing inspiration as I was having wonderful art block. Then I remembered I bought this book a while back called “Fantasy Genesis: A Creativity Game for Fantasy Artist by Chuck Lucas.

The Gate Ruins (WIP)

Here is one of my environmental paintings in progress. I need to balance some things out.

A audience with the king (WIP)

I’m am tryng with dear life to conquer my ADD and make some finished art for my portfolio.

Dragon Icon

A two hour sketch of a dragon. I had allot of fun painting it. I liked it so much I used it as my icon.

Super Mario (Daily Doodle)

It’s a me a Mario! Mario was one of my heroes when I was a kid.  I have no clue why.

The Prince of the Cosmos (Daily Doodle)

I am doing a experiment in which I  sketch popular video game characters (The prince in Katamari was popular.

Alex the Dragon (Concept Sketch)

Concept sketch for my dragon character Alex. There are some changes I need to make with is face.

Dragon Doodle (Daily Doodle

A quick dragon sketch, I am really only happy with the mouth and the neck. Don’t ask me why it’s purple, it seemed like a good idea at the time..

My first mech concept ever (Daily Doodle)

Titanfall and Gundum have nothing to worry about.. yet. BAHAHAHAAAWAWAWAHHH! I am a quick learner. My next mech will be twice as good.

Various Icon’s I have been painting for the last week. The Kangaroo Icon was part of the Commission I had done recently. The dragon is my icon. These are sample icons, please do not use them.

Various Icons Various Icon’s I have been painting for the last week. The Kangaroo Icon was part of the Commission I had done recently.

Alec (Gift)

It was a gift for a person that had a character of a similar name.

Kangaroo Portrait

A Commission. I haven’t drawn hair or fur in this much detail before, making it a challenging job.